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Mad Cow

What is eveybody’s reaction to this article?


After reading that, I’m hungry for steak.

It’s very hard to comment on this because, who knows what goes on behind closed doors. But, in my opinion, it looks like not enough research is going into this issue (what causes it, how to treat it).

Instead there is more prevention and hyped up media coverage that is causing panic and fear in the general public.

Has an eerie similarity to the famed ephedra ban.

goes along with what i have read. that mad cow is caused by use of pesticides, often extremely toxic ones that are spread right down the back (along the SPINE) of cows. hmmm… one more reason to eat organic…

There’s a good article at the Weston Price web site about mad cow disease that has a very interesting take on it. It claims that BSE is caused by pesticides.

If the link doesn’t work, go to www.westonaprice.org and look under myths and truths.

Hoooray! Other posts regarding the use of pesticides! I gave that link out that yorik gave once before, and seminole chick is right on the money.

Definately read the article though, makes you think.

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