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Mad Cow......Oh! Oh!

I love beef, my favorite meat. It will be interesting to see how the world responds to the USA’s first case of mad cow disease. As soon as the first case was announced here in Canada, the borders were shut to Canadian beef and most still remain closed.

They’ll probably close the borders to Canadian beef again just to be safe.


i have mad cow disease as well. although mine is a result of finaplix.

My guess is the US will respond harshly. The news media, being the ratings whores that they are, will surely instill FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) into news hungry Americans.

We’ll see if more cases develop. Doing a bit of internet research on this, as it hit close to home here in WA, is that the human form takes years to incubate and looks like a pretty miserable death (vCSJ).

I didn’t find much data on safety precautions of food handling. If cooking kills it or what??


Check out that link.

What’s sad is that this has cost Canada almost $2B.

I watched a documentary on mad cow disease on Discover a couple months ago. The ashes of the cows that have been cremated because they have mad cow disease are stored in sealed warehouses because even the heat necessary to cremate the cows is not hot enough to kill the virus. Our world just gets more and more interesting all the time.


My understanding is, mad cow is a malformed protein(called a Prion).

nothing you can do from a handling perspective can do anything and prion are not affected by heat, cold, or even radiation.


It is not possible to completely eliminate the disease agent in a safe manner.
This is why it’s so important to stop feeding dead cows as feed to …dead cows and other animals.

They’ve been feeding dead cows and other animals to cows (and other animals) for many many years.

Until recently “Mad Cow Disease” was never a problem.

Check out the link above, it will put a lot of this mad cow stuff into perspective, including possible causes for protein-to-prion degredation (organic phosphate pesticides) and myths regarding mad cow.

Basically the article says ingestion, and even injection of prion-tainted meats and brain matter does not seem to result in illness, but rather organic phosphates initiate mutation chain reactions, creating prions out of otherwise healthy bodily proteins…

Doesn’t mean I’m gonna go out and eat mad cow tainted meat but its food for thought (no pun intended)

If they just wouldn’t have kept those damn alien bodies from Roswell there wouldn’t be this problem today.

You know there isn’t anything that can’t be changed chemically by enough heat, a strong enough reagent, or a really good dose of gamma.

In 7 months the mad cow crisis has cost Canadian farmers over 3 BILLION dollars in Canadian funds (aprox. 2 billion US).
If this plays out like it did in Canada, the damage to the US econony will be even more extreme based on a larger cattle industry. Japan and most Asian countries have already closed their borders to US beef. Last year Japan bought 843 million dollars worth of beef from the US making Japan the US’s biggest export market for beef. This news story will not go away. We have lived with it in Canada for 7 months now. No, I am not a rancher or farmer but it is in the news almost continuously. It is not just ranchers that feel the economic pain because there is a trickle down effect to the economy ie. trucking companies that haul livestock etc.

I can see that happening. While it does seem newsworthy, the media sure does like to drive things right into the ground.

Many of the major grocery stores have voluntarily recalled beef. There are a few who haven’t.

I wouldn’t mind paying a few more cents per pound of beef if every cow was tested for the disease. It’s interesting to see how economics play into the safety of consumers. As I understand it, Japan tests every cow that comes into the slaugher house. I realize that our beef industry is much larger than Japan’s, so there are some scalability issues to deal with. However, doesn’t it make sense to test every cow? Or every fourth cow? If we caught one by testing one half a percentage point of all the cows, then how many slipped into the nation’s food supply?

I walked past Chic Fillet at the mall today and had a thought for a killer ad campaign. Have a couple cows with there eyes bugged out and crossed. Another cow is winking with the caption “We are MAD cows…Eat more chicken!” coming off his head.

Another thing…have you noticed how now that the media has something else to talk about the flu has all but disappeared? Kinda weird huh.


Great point regarding the “killer flu epidemic.” What a joke!

This is more of a media hype than a health threat. Maybe the price of sirloin will drop and I can fill my freezer with tasty bargains.


I like the way you think-I was thinking the same thing!

Surprisingly beef prices in Canada didn’t drop at all.

Well, you do run into a Chicken Little (no pun) thing with the media.

However, I do have some legitimate concerns with the Mad Cow issue. Partially, because I’ve read conflicting reports on the issues and because Great Britan has had a spike in deaths related to the human form of the disease. Granted, 100 something deaths isn’t huge in the grand scheme of things, but it is noteworthy.

It does make some great fodder for the media… I hope some good will come out of it. Like testing more cows than .05 percent.