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Mad Back/Calf Pumps. Culprits? Cures?

Everytime I do a cycle, I can’t jog/run because of calf pumps. I can sprint, box, MMA exercises, train legs, long distance cycling, but not run/jog, which makes me wonder how so many athletes on PEDs can train effectively.

I usually use a mix of Test+Tren+Masteron (long esters). Now I’m in my 8th week, and damn it, the pumps are horrible. Front squats lower back pumps are painful for days, back squats not that much better. My calves are bricks even doing shadow boxing or walking.

Besides using L-Taurine, anything else I can do besides stopping the PEDs all together?

Are some AAS worse than others for pumps?

I’m using a mix of tren test and mast, same as you, and only in week three, so any info on this would be helpful , worse back pumps when doing stiff legged deadlifts its crippling, I get back pumps quite bad with stiff leg deadlifts but they are going to get worse.

So maybe this mix is bad in that regard though I’ve read some orals are supposedly worse. And I usually only get these pumps running, not in other forms of training. Now, ouch. Squats and deads are painful indeed. But those didn’t happen to me till week 7 so you really have to know too, for sure.

I don’t normally get the back pumps unless im on a smith machine doing squats ( yea i know its shit ) but deads are the only thing, now i get these back pumps even when not on gear so I think my lower back is doing too much of the work. Anyway ill let you know if i get the same scenario as yours in a few weeks.

I’m running the same compounds and I do notice a slight pump in my calves pretty much all day but that’s it.

If you love Tren as much as your previous threads let on, RBC (red blood cell) accumulation might be the culprit. Phone the Canadian Blood Society, sometimes you can free blood sample analysis (depending on demand f or your blood type) as well.

Also, all the normal blood pressure advice applies here, sodium, hydration, etc…


Mmm PTD might be on cue with the RBC aspect. Though last blood test I did (off cycle) my RBC was perfect. When I went to give blood last year, I answered I had sex with a “stranger” in the last 6 months and was thus declined. Didn’t expect that sex with women was a deal breaker to give blood… And I think they do ask for AAS now too.

What do you guys suggest, lie and give blood anyway?

Today even my upper body weight training caused insane pumps that affected performance.

The one change I did is I was dieting hard and last 2 weeks have been eating a lot. Still, I had never experienced this to that level before.

Manipulate your carb intake pre-WO. For me, high carb or sugar intake pre-WO will give me a crushing pump with almost any oral.

Give that a try.


Well today I trained in the morning with just BCAAs and it was the worse pump ever (it feels weird to write that!). I did overcompensate the last 10 days though LOL And I did want to end my cycle with orals but I fear the pumps will be even worse than now if I do that.

I think we can go through the whole blood donating process, and at the end say “I made a mistake and to throw it out”. I’d rather give it though! If all they fear with AAS users is shared needles than no worries of course! But maybe there are medical reasons to it so I don’t want to mess a batch for them.

Just BLEED!!