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Mad at My Performance

I recently tested for football for max lifts, just bench, squat, and power clean. I used a wide grip for bench press, didn’t try with a medium grip which my have raised my number. I just gave up on squats for some reason. Power cleans although weren’t that bad.
Here are my numbers:

Squat- 275
Bench- 185
Clean- 175

I hope to raise my squat to 325 at least, bench to 225, and clean to 205 by the end of August. I lift with no gear and my ass on the power clean was about 7 inches from the ground. Also, I am 14, turning 15 at the end of march. Gonna max out at the end of March before by B-Day just to how everything is going.

So, do my weight goals sound unreasonable? Also, what are some good techniques to raise your maxes on each lift? Especially on bench. Squat I do know what I did wrong, but if you can still help, it would be much appreciated.

Those are good numbers for a 14 year old. To make them better you just have to do them on a regular basis with good form and eat enough good food to support muscle growth. I would be surprised if you don’t meat your goals by August if you work at it.

If your ass was 7" from the ground on a power clean, it wasn’t a power clean, it was a squat clean. The difference is whether you catch the bar above parallel or not. Either way, a good job. Do you have a coach helping you with your lifts?

Yeah. The coaches emphasize good form over weight. So whoever cannot do the lift with good form, the coaches force you to go lighter then do the lift. I like that. Also, the squat clean thing, the coach actually liked my form and thought that going deep was smart. And, it helped me with actually cleaning the weight. If I didnt squat down far enough, I probably cannot do as much.

There’s nothing wrong with going low, most people have to work up to it (or down to it in this case). Weightlifters do squat cleans. Power cleans are really to help you learn cleans.
Here’s an informative article on power cleans:

Do you do deadlifts?

Your lifts are very good for 14, and if your trully mad thats even better. If you want to get stronger man you gotta attack your workouts with intensity.

I do deadlifts at home once a week. For 4 days, I have to work out with the football team, which isnt bad, but we do not really do deadlifts just by themselves. Usually, we incorporate RDLs into many movements that are on the program.

Hey, check this out for football/athlete training:

Hey, thanks for the site Digity.

I have to ask even though I might sound really dumb asking this. What are the benefits of doing floor presses or board presses?
Also, what do the bands, reverse bands, and chains do?

You should look into proper bench press technique. Just getting a good form down can significantly increase your numbers.