Mad Amounts of BCAA's ?

I’ve been looking more and more into taking more BCAA’s then I am normally taking. Right now I’m probably taking about 9 grams a day. (4 pills in the morning, 4 pre-workout, 4 during work out, and 4 before bed. Gnc Brand) Of course i’m also getting BCAA’s in my protein shake PWO. Many of the articles and forums here suggest about 30grams a day. Does that count BCAA’s from protein powder as well?

Has anyone found any more economical way to do this? I just feel like one would burn through a bottle of Biotest’s BCAA’s quickly if shooting for roughly 30grams. I’m sure it’s worth it but is there any way to get the same dose but at a lesser cost? Thanks!

I use the pills for convenience when I don’t have shakes around, but, if you want to be consuming large amounts then powdered BCAAs are a must.

I get 24-26g PWO, and 10-20g during the day with shakes on top of what I get from protein powder of course.

check out

He sells a powdered solution that I’m sure is top-notch.

you ever thought about just consuming it pre and post-workout?? I believe that was Poliquin’s original recommendation if you’re strapped for cash. His formulat is .44 g of BCAA per kg of bodyweight, half taken within 30 mins of your workout and the other half afterwards.

Probably works out to a couple bottles of Biotest’s BCAA tabs every months (3 for me but I’m a hoss at 258 lbs)

I use a 70cc scoop of bcaas during training. I don’t know how much that is, I’m guessing about 30 grams.


whoops, cap.

I just overload pre/during/post workout (15-25g each) and then add some to a shake first thing in the AM.

Its working for me; that’s my ‘mad amount’ of bcaas lol.