Macy's Fires Santa!

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thats not a good joke…
at all.

Edit: Then again maybe I’m sick for reading implied pedophilia in that second joke.[/quote]

Easy mistake to make with the wrong context. FTR, there were no children present.

That joke didn’t sit well with me either. There is only one context when you’re dealing with Santa IMO. I guess if you work with children, don’t make pedo jokes.[/quote]

Oh come on now… he referred to the adults as boys and girls. It sounded like he was talking about naughty adults to me in the joke.[/quote]

That is probably what he meant but the way he it was described it could have meant either way. I’m just saying there is room for pedo interpretation and that’s not smart for a Santa. [/quote]

But the whole premise of Santa Claus on its own can be interpreted as pedo by today’s standards.

To me it’s unfortunate that we live by the standards of people who have no sense of humour in society today. You literally can’t say ANYTHING anymore.

I disagree. You can say a lot more now than was ever acceptable in the days of my mother and grandmother. You just can’t make racist jokes or pedo jokes (around strangers.) Look at the humour that is on primetime tv and tell me that wouldn’t have shocked the hell out of people in the 70’s and earlier.

You can act like there is some oppressive PC force silencing everyone everywhere but that is actually pretty ridiculous when you think about the standards that you actually live by. I remember when Bart Simpson’s ‘eat my shorts’ was controversial.[/quote]

Sure, we are more liberal than our parents but there is still MUCH over the top censorship in society. And there are still some situations where censorship has increased.

A few days ago on the front page of the Toronto star there was a story about a protest going on at the University of Toronto because a thesis with a “controversial topic” was accepted. I mean isn’t this academia?? Aren’t schools supposed to embrace new thought so long as it’s backed by logical arguments?

You can’t even call something “Christmas” in school anymore it has to be “Holiday” as to not offend anyone. When I was a kid in school in the 90’s it was called Christmas. My parents are followers of an eastern religion and I never grew up believing in Christmas but I understood it’s importance to most of my fellow Canadians.

Do you remember the Song Suicidal by Sean Kingston that was a hit a couple years ago? On the radios here in Toronto the word suicidal was dubbed over with “in denial.”

When the Taylor Swift song Picture to Burn first hit airwaves, some radio stations changed the line “That’s fine, I’ll tell mine that you’re gay” to “That’s fine, you won’t mind if I say”