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Macros/ Diet - Help


I am bulking at the moment. Have never had any real knowledge of the nutrition side of things.

I'm trying to clean my diet up and looking into Macros and how the whole thing works.

So I read up on it and this is what i've got...

My Bodyweight is 185lbs.

The macro nutrients are Protein - 4 Calories per Gram
Carbs - 4 Calories per Gram
Fats - 9 Calories per Gram

I should be looking at a 40%/40%/20% split.

Multiply my bodyweight by 18 so 185x18 = 3330

I need 3330 Calories a day.

Aim to consume 1.5G of protein per 1lb of bodyweight = 277.5

So multiply the 277.5x 4 calories per gram of protein = 1100Calories

3330 Calories per day. 20% of 3330 = 666. 666/9 calories per gram = 74Grams of fat per day.

So I have 1100 Calories from Protein, 666 from Fats leaving 1554 from Carbs

So 1554/ 4 calories per gram = 388.5 grams

Not quite working out at 40/40/20 from these calculations.

But what i've got is that I need 277.5g Protein, 74 Gram of Fat and 388.5Grams of Carbs per day.

How does this look guys, I have no experience of nutrition in line with lifting but this is from a template I have found online explaining how to do this stuff.

Advice would be great because trying to get my diet in line has got me up the wall with so much conflicting information online.



If you want 40/40/20 at that number of calories you're going to have to have more than 1.5 grams of protein per lb.