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Macros/Carbs - Static or Cycle?


What do some of you more experienced guys recomend here?

I have found my sweet spot so to speak on fealing good, and losing weight/fat at a steady pace. Down from 193 to 181 since the beginig of april. My best guess right now is 15% bf. To get down so far I gradually cut down cals/macros to get to me where I am now.

Basically 200-225 protein
100 g carbs(after subtracting fiber)
60 fat

These are my minumums. I stay between 10-12x bw cals with incidentals or extra fat making up for the missing 200-300 cals for those of you doing the math so i basically sit between 1800-2100.

Again things are moving at a good pace right now, just curious if the best approach for now would be to stay the course each day and keep these macros static until around 10% bf or fatloss slowing down, or should I cycle my carbs?

Would most likely cycle it like this: 50 100 150 100 50 150 100

Been a while since I have seen the single digits so I am a bit rusty at this, appretiate the help in advance fellas.


IMO.....no reason to make changes if progress is being made at an acceptable rate.


Was hoping you would chime in. Thanks.


Unless you're a super hard loser (?) when it comes to fat I'd stay away from cycling for now. I've been reading a lot about carb cycling lately and have come to the conclusion that unless your BF is super low you can make good progress without it, since it's "easier" to come down from 25-20% to 15-13% than is from 10% to 6-5%.

The only comment I feel like I have to make is that if you have a super heavy day (leg days), you might want to consume a bit more carbs to ensure proper recovery.

This is my opinion, man. Just keep at it and I hope you can come closer to your goals.


Thanks for the feedback Brant. Where in Brazil are you by chance?



I know where your head's at...believe me. Cycling sounds cool and would break some monotony for you, but just be patient. Ride this out while you're still making steady progress.

When things stall out, start another thread. Then you can get into specifics of the cycled macros.


I co-sign this. I tried cycling during the off season and it suck dick. I don't know about you, but I couldn't handle eating a fair amount of carbs on Monday and going cold turkey on Tuesday, it was too inconsistent and I never got a rythim. For it's either low carb for good or not, there's no inbetween.

But back to your question, I'm blessed to live in Rio de Janeiro, man. Capital of the universe!