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Macros and not losing weight


I have attached some pictures. The first two are before I started counting macros. The last two are after 8 weeks. My macros are about 1650 with 53 fat, 190 carbs, and 106 protein. Most days I was close to hitting them although I could have been a little more consistent with a few "cheat" days. I know I have lost some bodyfat and gained some muscle but not what I considered significant after 8 weeks. I am consistently 132 on the scale and would like to get back down to about 120. I do bodybuilding workouts and some powerlifting 4 days a week. I usually do HIIT two days a week. Should I keep doing what I'm doing, lower calories, or raise calories?


Now after 8 weeks




If you are trying to cut fat, why are you getting most of your calories from carbs? Generally you want to cut down on carbs on a cut and up them on a bulk. I’d up the protein and fat and cut the carbs; then if the scale doesn’t move, slowly cut the calories.


1650 may, just may, be on the high side for you (that or you misjudged the calorie content of your cheat meals). Sometimes all it takes is 100 cals less and the weight will plummet. This, however, will require rigorous monitoring.

PS Not to sound creepy, but I’ve definitely seen worse before pictures. Good luck.


You look noticeably better in the “after” pic. Are you pairing your weightloss efforts with exercise?

You need to cut a bit more cals and/or reduce (eliminate) your cheat meals. You’ve made a good start, but it’s time to dial things in.


If you’re looking to get lean, I would say your protein is low.

This is always my go-to article for dialing your macros in:



I like the progress you’re making at your present caloric intake. Maybe at a later date if needed then you could cut back by another 200 calories but for results over the long term, it’d be better if possible to stay where you are on total calories. And from your progress so far I expect you can do it at your current calorie level.

In agreement with above advice, I’d suggest swapping out some carbs for protein, for example reducing carbs by about 40 g and increasing protein by the same.


Thank you everyone for the advice! I really appreciate it. Trying to get lean has been very frustrating. I lift weights 4 days a week with HIIT after ok some days. I think my progress stalling has had a lot to do with cheating some days. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t doing something totally wrong or not eating enough. Any other suggestions are welcome and appreciated!