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Macronutritient Rotation on WSSB

I’m about 2 weeks into WSSB and I’m thinking about changing up my nutrition. I was on 40/40/20 split (PFC) at around maintenance level (approx 3200 kcal, I’m about 210ish pounds with around 15% BF, 6’3) but I’m starting to feel a bit rundown, so I was thinking of changing to a 40/20/40 on workouts days (there are 4, I added a (somewhat) GPP day) and 40/40/20 on off days. Off means completely off, except for walking.
My main goal right now is bring up my strength while maintaining my current body comp (if the BF goes up a bit, no biggie, if it goes down, that’s awesome). My numbers are much lower than they should be for my size, and I think that going on a bulking cycle would be much more beneficial if I can crank the numbers up a bit first before attaching the feed bag. I also think I don’t have enough muscle yet to really worry about a cutting cycle, there’s just not enough to see! lol
Anyway, if anybody has any opinions about my general plan of attack let me know! Thanks.

…yeah…i can’t spell on sundays… : )

I’d suggest you use CW’s strength-focued mesocycle. It is specificly made to maintain mass while increasing strength. Here’s the link:

I’m not specificially interested in maintaining my mass (i.e. there’s no reason that I can’t go up a bit) but it does look pretty interesting. I think it might be a nice lead in to my next bulking cycle - have you ever tried it out? What were your results?

never tried it but just about anything by CW is a good workout plan