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I am 5 ft.9 in weigh 161 lbs. and I have 10% bodyfat.I am a ecto-mesomorph(partial hardgainer).For the longest time I thought I was a hardgainer.I tried to follow the the abreviated training 0f “Brawn” fame and I never paid attention to Macronutrient ratios.I am now 32 years old and after having a one on one consultation with Charles Staley I realize that I am not as skinny as I thought I was.I’ve read lots of information about Macronutrient ratios and I’m really confused.At my present wieght of 160 lbs.what would be the optimal macronutrient ratio to gain lean mass?What would be my calorie intake?By the way I want to consume 1.5 grams per lb. of bodywieght.Any advice would be appreciated

A simple way to figure this out really accurately is to use the methods spelled out in John Berardi’s MASSIVE EATING series. Go and look for part I in the archives and it’ll give you a formula to figure out exactly how many calories you need to eat per day.