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Macronutrients on Growth Surge III

I just completed the growth surge project phase 2 on MAG-10. During phase 3, I was wondering what kind of macronutrient ratios would be recommended? In phase 2, I was at 30% Protein, 50% carbs, 20% Fats. Minimizing fats was recommended since they don’t help much when on pro-hormones. For phase 3, since I’ll be off MAG-10, should I go to 30/40/30? I was considering increasing the fats to 30% and reducing the carbs just a tad, to jump start testosterone production and help get rid of some of the fat I gained.

Not sure if it makes a difference or not but I’ll be taking Methoxy-7 during this two week recovery period, before jumping back into another phase 2 w/ MAG-10.

And holy crap is MAG-10 awesome! Too bad this will be my first and last time trying it.