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Macronutrients for Experimenting on Myself


Hello fellow swoldiers,

I’m sure someone will answer this in depth as all of you here do, it really makes me appreciate the age of information that we live in today.
So, I have currently put myself through an entire 6 week program for corrective exercise and fixing some shoulder issues From past injuries. As I’m planning to move on to the strength phase of my program I’m wanting to know exactly how to put together a macronutrient program thatll help me lose body fat while retaining as much muscle as possible. I’m planning on running a DUP program based on strength and hypertrophy.
Here are my current numbers:
Ht: 6’1"
Wt: 203lbs
BF: 15.2%

I’ve been active my whole life but can’t seem to pin down this macronutrient codex!

Amy advice is helpful and I truly appreciate it. Feel free to email me


If you want to diet, I generally follow these basic steps.

  1. Pick a calorie starting point (something like 12x bodyweight, so 2400 daily calories roughly)
  2. Set a daily protein goal. 1-1.25g per bodyweight seems to work
  3. Set a fat goal (I do 40-50 grams maybe, I’ve seen some say 0.4 grams per lb but whatever you would like)
  4. Fill the rest with carbs
  5. If you want to get super fancy, 1 day a week have a high carb day where you bump up the calories by about 200, eat minimal fat, reduce protein to 0.8x to 1x (depending on where you started), and fill the rest of your calories with carbs. Then have a low carb day where you eat about 200 calories less than an average day, minimal carbs, slightly higher protein (maybe 1.25-1.35x bodyweight), and the rest fats.
  6. If you go 2-3 weeks without losing any weight, bump daily calories down about 200 and reassess in 2-3 weeks. Can also bump up cardio instead depending on how much you’re currently doing.
  7. Expect to AVERAGE (not necessarily do) about 1-2 pounds a week. Some weeks it will not go down, some it will drop 3 pounds out of nowhere.

This has worked very well for me in the past and is currently working well. The key is to assess and reassess after every couple weeks and make SMALL changes. No need to go from 2400 calories and no cardio to 1800 calories and 4x a week cardio over the course of a month. You may not even have to drop calories all that much, it’ll depend how things go for you.

EDIT: For some reason your post was at the top of the posting list even though my computer now says you posted 17 days ago. Weird. So no idea if you still want the advice or anything but it’s still useful and relevant for anyone else.