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Macronutrient Spread When Bulking?

Just wondering whether any one could show me their macronutrient spread throughout the day while on a bulk. And any advice on the one ive workout out below:

Meal 1: (fast absorbing to help catabolism)
Protein shake w/water

Meal 2: (enough carbs and protein to fuel WO)
2 eggs
6 egg whites
low fat cheese
fish oil/flax oil
4 wholewheat toast

TRAIN (Protein shake w/water during WO)

Meal 3:
Wholewheat Pasta
Lean Mince
Whole Potato

Meal 4:
Either tuna/chicken
Salad (tomato, cos lettuce,cucumber,avocado)
Olive Oil

Meal 5: (protein and carbs)
Either chicken/steak

Meal 6:
Protein Powder
Skim Milk
Natural Peanut Butter
Olive Oil

All meal sizes are yet to be calculated but i just want to know whether the macronutrient spread throughout the day was ok before i did the calculations. Advice? Any links of Pre and Post workout nutrition?

In addition -

As i stated in my last thread, im sitting at 17.1%BF but am wanting to gain some more muscle for 12 weeks till i cut to 10%. Reasons im asking is because at that BF im prone to have low insulin sensitivity thus would put fat on as a result of the carbs(if i read correctly).

What do any of you guys do?

I know that most people recommend cutting before bulking, which would also eliminate the insulin insensitivity problem

If you’re just starting out, eating clean while lifting should help you lean out. You diet looks pretty good, the only thing I might change would be the toast before your workout, but it will depend on how your body handles it. Personally, I eat a protein and fat meal about an 1-2 hours before working out, and then I sip some Surge (half a serving) during my workout. I slam the rest when I’m done. So for your workout, either add some sugar (gatoraid powder work well) to your protein shake, or pick up so Surge, and you should be good to go.

[quote]harrisonplunkett wrote:
I know that most idiots and skinny people recommend cutting before bulking, which would also eliminate the reaching of your goals in a reasonable time[/quote]

Fixed for you.

mr popular im assuming your against cutting at present???

cos i am 6ft, 167, 17.1%BF but still wanna gain more muscle prior to cutting, what are your stats??

But still what would be an ideal spread? Do you think it is more based on body type/insulin sensitivity?

I tend to not tell people my “stats” simply because they are changing from month to month, currently I’m piling on the pounds at a rate of 3-5 every month, so if someone were to quote my stats now it’d be a different physique if they did so 4, 5, 6 months from now. My most recent record of stats is 5’9, 185lbs, visible abdominals.

I don’t give advice to people bigger or more experienced than me. Take it for whatever it may be, but at your level calculating your bodyfat percentage to tenths of a digit is downright pointless. And you certainly don’t need to be concerned about your “insulin sensitivity”.

Want to lower your bodyfat percentage and still achieve your goals? Gain 20lbs of muscle. That would lower your bodyfat percentage considerably without you having to scarifice valuable time in order to lose any bodyfat.

If you don’t want to get fat, then you use common sense. Couple a heavy diet and frequent lifting program with regular moderate cardio and avoid foods that would generally tend to cause fat gain (in other words, avoid sugar and trans fats, and center your meals around whole sources of protein), gaining a minimum of 3lbs a month.

In a years time or less you will probably put on 20lbs of muscle at least and lowered your bodyfat percentage following an approach like this…

Or instead you could spend several months trying to “cut” down, only to wind up STILL looking crappy when you realize you didn’t have any muscle to give definition to in the first place, and the only part of your body looking shredded is your ribcage, so you decide to go in the other direction and focus on gaining muscle so your body easily puts that fat you just lost right back on to create a more comfortable environment for growth.

Then you cry…

So you decide which approach is for you I obviously laid them out in a nonbiased way for you to make an objective decision. Let us know how you’re doing a little while from now.

so true, my biggest downfall is knowing things, and either not using them, or reading something else and throwing out the stuff i already know

really appreciate the advice, should be a big help, ill let ya know how i go