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Macronutrient Splitting


What is the scientific reasoning of the theory of splitting meals into P+F and P+C like Berardi suggested?

Fat consumption slows down gastric emptying which MAY lower the insulin response to a meal.

Also, your stomach is never empty during the day; in other words, it won't be empty before you eat your next meal.

Bryan Haycock stated that avoiding combining C + F does have merit -- but only when hypercaloric. If hypocaloric, it would not matter.

On the other hand, it serves a good purpose by detering people from consuming junk food with high refine carbs + fat and it macronutrient splitting is useful before and after workouts.



The reasoning is that you want to avoid high amounts of fat AND carbs (in thier broken down forms of course) in your bloodstream at the same time.

The theory behind THAT is that the carbs will elevate blood concentrations of insulin whether fat is present or not. That insulin surge will now have to clear out glucose AND fatty acids. The fatty acids will be readily shuttled to fat cells.

P+C has a similar effect but in THIS case it's amino acids that need clearing and they will for the most part be shuttled into the liver and muscle.

P+F meals keep insulin levels relatively low by themselves.


Derek gave a good basic overview - if you want the details, read Dr. B's Massive Eating articles. They're actually quite long :slight_smile:



JB's largely abandoned this sort of classification. His most recent recommendations (see Lowery vs. Berardi) are based on timing considerations. He advocates consuming good fats with starchy carbs in mixed meals during the "growth phase" of your workout, and has done away with many of the "Only 15g of CHO in P+F meals" etc. etc. that defined his earlier work.

The only time I see him staunchly advocating the complete partioning of macronutrients is during the energy and anabolic phases of your workout (see Science of Nutrient Timing). Here P+C with little to no fat is a must.

I'd read up on Massive Eating Reloaded, the Lowery vs. Berardi thread, and the Science of Nutrient Timing for his latest recommendations.


Joel Marion covered this in his "A Defence of Massive Eating" article on this site. It was an excellent read.


Thanks for the input guys, I'm stronger than I've ever been, but I'm getting very unhealthy. GFH was the only thing on my mind for the 3 months. This is my diet today:

1st meal: 6 whole eggs + Bread w/ nutella

2nd meal: 4 whole eggs + peanut butter

3rd meal: Tuna Sandwitch, Snickers and soda

4th meal: Curry

5th meal: Ice cream and 4 whole eggs

Obviously this isn't healthy at all, despite all the strength gains.

I will slowly incorporate healthier foods in my diet and then I will perhaps use the massive eating principles again, just like when I first started lifting.



YES!!! No need to go all out with macro splitting you ar set up to make great progress by just not eating JUNK ALL day.

The only solid meal being the eggs and PB byut looking at the rest that is most likely kiddie Jif or something loaded with HFCS.

Good luck