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Macronutrient Split for My Goals?


I've been a reader for quite a while now and I figured it was time to start contributing and asking questions myself. Looking forward to hearing what some of you have to say about this...

Age: 19
Weight: 180
Height: 6'1
BF%: Approx. 10-11

Maintain as much lean body mass as possible while dropping 2-3% in BF by August

Lift 5-6 times/wk. Moderate-low intensity cardio every day for about 30 minutes. 12 minutes of high intensity.

3000 calories/day. 36/36/28(Pro/Fat/Carb).

My main question is what should my macronutritional split look like if I want to attain that goal? I'm also an ectomorph. I mention this because I have lifted with a few endo-mesomorphs and mesomorphs who maintain and build muscle with minimal carb intake ( < 100g per day). This is also my first attempt at cutting body fat. And finally, on my current diet, fitday.com thinks I'm already at a 500+ calorie deficit. Is this reasonable?

Thanks. And again, this is my first time posting so please warn me if there's something I failed to mention when asking for advice.


I believe this is what you're looking for in a nutshell:



Thanks, I gave it a good look-over.

I think my plan is going to be based on G-flux principles. That is, worrying less about my diet as long as it's clean and adequate and just keeping my exercise consistent.


Thats a good idea to start, I would suggest keeping track of your intake so you can manipulate your diet further if and when progress stalls as you drop body fat lower and lower. Just my 2 cents.


40% protein, 40% carbs, 20% healthy fat