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Macronutrient Ratios for PALEO


Hi. Currently I have been oon a VLC keto/paleo style diet and it has been working well. I would like to generate a discussion RE: optimal MARCONUTRIENT RATIO of protein and fat for maintenance of body composition.

My experience has been that for each gram of protein a proportionate number of other('energy calorie'/fat/carb) macronutrient grams can be assimilated at a given time; in fact, I have come to believe that protein is the nutrient which enables one to consume a certain amount of 'other'(fat/carb) calories without which they tend to assimilate as bodyfat(maybe they are needed in protein synthesis I don't know---but would like to hence the discussion topic). What is the OPTIMAL ratio of PROTEIN:FAT in a VLC diet for bodybuilders seeking to maintain a certain level/quality of body composition? Currently I have been consuming meals with 60-70 grams Protein: remaining kcals Fat for a total of approx 1000 kcal per meal. My bodyfat % hovers around 7%. I would like to up the mass and reduce fat levels even more if possible. Currently I am implementing a 3 meal-per-day regime(although I used to subscribe to the 6+ meal a day club: cf. my other post re: meal frequency)with about 3000kcal per day. Bodyweight a slight 160 lbs.

ANyadvice? I am not to eager to include carbs though so please don't throw any tubers or yams gab at me;)


Paleo has nothing against carbs, it simply restricts the sources.

I eat paleo as well and if you want to gain any mass, your going to have to start upping your carbs. Honestly, your picture looks like you're starving, and there is zero chance that your going to up your mass AND reduce your fat levels with a starting canvas like yours.

If you want to stay away from things like yams and quinoa, your going to have to turn to fruits.

I would suggest doing a lot more reading on this site before your next post, to gain insight into how mass (and I mean real mass) is gained, and then tailor your macros accordingly.

It also seems like you need to gain a better understanding of paleo. I would suggest starting with marksdailyapple.com


I'm sorry but you look like the michelin tire man. P.S I never contended that PALEO was the diet I followed or that I believed it looked upon carbs as taboo. I a well aware of what it consists of and simply eat a healthy diet. Period. By the way, perhaps you are aware that carbs diet in an alkaline medium and protein/fat in an acidic medium---the two combined cause digestive upset/putrefaction. Also, reliance on ketones is inhibited when one increases glucose(and its substrate precursers, grains, pulses and fruit). The fructose in fruit causes AGEs which is detrimental to health. So your advice must be burnt with the tire fire you shouls subject your body to.


Wait. . . what?


30% mammoth
30% scavenged berries, tree bark, and bugs
40% starvation


Congratulations. You can regurgitate Robb Wolf's material from Paleo Solution. I read it too. The only difference is, I didn't use it as an excuse to be a dick and insult people like WestCoast who have a physique more impressive than yours or mine.


i'm willing to bet that you have psychological problems.


Thank you for confirming that you have zero clue what you're talking about and also have no place in this community.

If your not willing to learn, don't ask questions.


Best compliment I've received all day, well second best actually, behind jskrabac's.


30% mammoth
30% scavenged berries, tree bark, and bugs
40% starvation


Im thinking HaveIronWill playing dress up?


In all honesty, I would rather look like a jacked Michelin man than a phallus.

Also wondering what PersonMan will do once he realizes that the human digestive tract includes both acid and base treatment that occur almost regardless of what you eat, and that glucose can also form AGEs, albeit at a lower rate, and thus AGE formation will occur whenever you, you know, live.

People like paleo enthusiasts a bad name with their dogmatic bullshit.


You've been leaving me speechless since July 2010.
There I win =D

To OP...eh. I really think that you should try to find some source of carbs that you like and then, eat a lot of it. 0 carbs isn't doing anything for your body. Aesthetically speaking.


PersonMan may have gone overboard with the insults towards you (especially about your physique), and he was wrong for that.

But come on man. He doesn't look like he's starving. He's not BIG, but the guy has muscle on him.


So your goal is to maintain your current condition? Mind me asking why?

Maintaining such a low bodyfat is not optimal for growth, unless you're a freak. It seems to me that you're analyzing things a bit too much with not enough knowledge to do so. My best advice is return to the drawing board and start from there.


He'll probably just Google some other phrase that he can copy and paste, having never tried or tested any of it for himself.

I 100% agree with your last sentence as well, and it's almost always from people with little to no experience in regards to what their talking about.


OP - Sorry, but why would you post asking for advice when you have obviously already formed your opinions and are not open to advice? This makes no sense to me. Unless of course you; 1) just wanted people to offer their opinions so you could argue with them or, 2)wanted someone to tell you that you are already doing it exactly right, which still makes no sense to me.

WestCoast - Personally I think you should go for the glory and shoot for Stay Puffed Marshmallow Man status. Then you could, you know destroy the city and shit.


I'm just trying to keep up with what you and the rest of the beautiful T-Vixens do for this community.


Done and done.

I might have found a new nickname, I kinda like it.


Isn't the Michelin Man a name applied to fatsos?

Westcoast has one of the most respectable physiques on here, and if I recall correctly, he's still only in his early 20's.