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Macronutrient Ratio

I am 4 weeks in to my first clean bulk. I gained7 pounds and calipers say I am the same body fat%. However if you have read my last few posts you know my diet still needs work.

I just read my Precision Nutrition Individualization guide and made a meal plan (2500k non training days) using the macronutrient ratio of 35% protein, 25% carbs 40% fat.

I just came off a long fat loss phase and I do gain fat easily so would this be the best ratio for me to start with?

I had planned on trying it for 4 weeks starting next monday.

Waterbury suggests starting with 33/33/33. Would that be more towards someone starting out lean?

40% Protein, 30 % Fat, and 30% Carbs would be my recommendation.

or just do the 33/33/33 and decide from there where your at and what to up?

just Waterbury’s way of doing business!
(he is an advocate of the 33/33/33)