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Macronutrient mix

On 6 meal for day,how meal carbo+pro to eat in day with workowt ,a how in day without-workout?

how eat 3 carb and pro, out by 3 fat + pro = 6 meal train good meal , steak, lot water, creatine.

P-DOG nailed it. That’s some solid advice. ROFL

is this some new bodybuilding language I havent learned yet?


yes it is actually. it is a secret t-code language. it was devised to keep newbies and wannabees from picking up on our techmiques.

if interested you will have to purchase the t-code translator. you can get that through me for $29.99, as i co-authored the publication.

i highly recommend it for those times in the gym when newbies are trying to eaves drop on your convo with other experienced t-men. or when the mens fitness/model types are trying to figure out why you train with heavy weights.

pm me if interested maybe i will cut you a deal.

Is english your first language?


I had to read your first response twice. I’m pretty tired, and I just glanced at it and my mind drew out the important stuff ("“3 carb and pro, out by 3 fat + pro”"). It wasn’t till I was thinking about it after I left the page that I had to go back and re-read.

Thanks for that, I haven’t laughed, I mean really laughed all week. I needed that. :slight_smile:

glad i could make you laugh.