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MacroNutrient Calorie Calculations

Hey ya’ll, can anyone help the rookie out? I’ve been following Berardi’s protocols and the Get Big Diet’s outline for bout 6wks now and I’m not sure if I’m calculating my macronutrients right. Can anyone please who has a minute dbl check em for me. If my figures are wrong and I’m way below what I should be getting, then all the time I’m spendin in the gym is wasted!

Meal1: p+c
3 cups oat cereal, 30g whey protein shake with 2 cups low fat milk, handful of raisins

Meal2: p+f
2 whole eggs, tblspoon of olive oil
glass of oj

snack btwn; 1apple + 1orange

Meal3: p+c
150g cooked lean meat (chicken/beef/
pork/spam) with 1 medium sized sweet potatoe, 1 cup cooked vegs.

Meal4: p+f
150g cooked lean meat, 1 tblspoon olive oil, and a tomato

Meal5: p+c
30g protein shake: 1 cup lowfat milk, 2 cups red grape juice, 2 blue
berry yoghurts, 2 tblspoons peanut butter

Meal6: ?p+c maybe
1 large bowl of redbean paste and veg soup, 2 cups cooked white rice, small peice of fish

Meal7: normally my pre wkout shake
30g shake with 1 1/2 cups grape juice

Meal8: normally post wkout shake
30g shake with 1 1/2 cups grape juice, 1 tblspoon olive oil

Meal9: sometimes skip this meal
100g fried spam or similar, 1 cup of tomato/cucumber

I rotate the fruits and vegs to get enough of everything (so I thnk?), drink more than 500ml water everyday, along with a multi vitamin.


Protein: 30+14+50+50+30+20+30+30g = 254g = 1000cals

Carbs: ±600g = 2400 cals

Fats: not really sure. tblspoon = 14g
x 3 = 42g = 126g

Total = 3526 cals daily
Please could anyone reply n let me know if im on the right track? I should be getting about 3500 cals a day, i weigh 185lbs. remember im a rook so ive been applying these therums ive read here for a very short time.

Thanks a million

You should try to eqi-space your protein. Your first meal has you eating over 50 grams. You snack has none. Your next meal only has about 12-14g (2 eggs). In addition, you may have 2 many meals. For your body weight 6 should be fine if you are only training once perday. If you are having trouble gaining then you need to make 100 cal a week adjustments. The same applies if you think you are gaining at 2 fast of a rate. This is just my quick reveiw. Oh yeah - I would pick just one diet philosophy: either the JMB school or the Incledon school and stick with it for several months.

Dude, you’re kidding about the Spam, right?

I would drop the milk intake.

  1. Too many high glycemic foods.

  2. grape juice+protein powder+peanut butter does not equal p+c meal.
    It’s an ol’p+f+C meal, the type everybody else has.

  3. I dont believe in high glycemic carbs prior to workout.
    Given the glycemic load is high enough, serotonin levels will spike up too much causing you to feel lethargic, impairing your performance with the Iron.
    Low-moderate glycemic carbs are a much better choice, 60 mins prior to workout. If you follow Alessi or Poliquin you could have a p+f meal, which it’s been argued will lead to better results.

  1. Spam is not a lean meat. It’s nothing but a processed concoction which contains protein which is not exactly very bioavailable.

Low glycemic carb list:

Old fashioned oatmeal
LONG GRAIN brown rice
Whole grain bread (it better look like a board full of wood chips)
Fruits like apples and oranges and blueberries and pears. Bananas are moderately high glycemic, and watermelons are very high glycemic
Most vegetables
Pasta is refered to as low glycemic AND low insulimic.
Processed juices by nature are a very poor choice of carbs and generally high glycemic.

Best protein sources:

Skinless chicken breasts
Tuna fish
Egg whites
Cottage cheese/Ricotta cheese
Red meats
All fish, especially salmon

Fat sources:

Fish oil
Flax seed oil
Olive/Canola oil
Cheese (in moderation, regardless of what neil says)

Take the olive oil out of the post-workout P+C meal. Take the OJ out of your P+F meal (#2 I believe). I’m not crazy about the apple+orange snack – not eat carbs without protein. Make sure you always put at least 2 hours, if not 3, between ingesting a carb and ingesting a fat. Rather than doing “the stagger” (P+C, P+F, P+C, P+F), I prefer “the taper” (all P+C’s in 1st half of day, all P+F’s in second half). . .easier for me to manage, and it doesn’t matter so much if a meal is off-schedule by a half hour or hour. Of course, you can modify “the taper” so that you’re still getting proper post-workout carbs.

I agree with diesel23’s recommendations too.

Thanks for the input so far. W.meal1 is cereal, not natural rolled oats, Koreans dont eat the stuff, so I’ve tried best to substitute. So I calculated Meal1 at like 40g then. Which is good right? Wake up and have a dose of protein n carbs. I can drop the shakes Protein to 20g too.
NeilG/Diesel, nope Im not kidding abut the spam. Its far leaner than any fresh meat I buy and cook, and ‘emits’ no fat when cooked. I read a thread here just the other day about most of the guys here munching down lunch meats to get their protein.
K cool Pete. I’ll drop the milk, to only having it with my breakfast shake, and not the others.
Diesel, u suggesting then mixing my protein shake with water then instead of grape juice? the juice i drink is 100% pure juice? how can it be bad? when i fisrt posted here numerous people recommended I check the get big diet. it has orange juice and grape juice (bout 36ounces daily) included in it. im being pointed in so many directions…