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Macronutrient Breakups of Food


Ok im into my first bulk and im hitting around 3900 Kcals a day with my daily macronutrient totals at around 30/55/15 divided into 6-7 meals a day.Now my question is.

1.)Providing your hittng your daily tagets of protien,fat,carbs,kcals do you have to divide your 6-7 meals up into equal macronutrient amounts like say 7 meals that each are

27g Protien
50g Carbs
15g Fat

for example?


Paralysis By analysis.

Tracking it is GREAT and food logs are an awesome toll but can be abused and over thought. IMO that is what you are doing eat for the goal.


Glad to hear it phil, having to make 6-7 meals of EXACLTY the same amounts of p/c/f's would be a massive pain in the a**e!!! However I notice some diets like the Get Big diet mention splitting your meals up into 6-7 equal amounts once you have your daily totals worked out?


Just aim to hit that number in the day as a total. My meals vary quite a bit in size three fairly big and three smaller. BIG after training.

Works for me.