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Macronutrient Breakdown


I have determined using JB's handy calorie calculator that I should be consuming 4000 calories per day. I would like to know how to break this number down into a useable macronutrient profile.

I came up with the following but Im not sure if it's good and I need some help determining how to breakdown the number of carbs I should be eating.

Protein 255g (1.5g/lb LBM @ 153lb LBM)
Fat 112g (25% of 4000)
Carbs 500g (remainder)

OFF DAYS - 6 MEALS - P+Cx3, P+Fx3

P+C - 42.5gP, 166gC times three
P+F - 42.5gP, 37gF times three


Meal 1 P+F - 40gP, 37gF
Meal 2 " "
*Meal 3 P+C - Pre/During Shake 30gP,?gC
*Meal 4 P+C - Post Shake 30gP, ?gC
*Meal 5 P+C - 40gP, ?gC
*Meal 6 P+C - 40gP, ?gC
Meal 7 P+F - 40gP, 37gF

As you can see, I dont know how to determine the carb values for my workout and post workout meals. How does one determine these numbers? How does it all look?

Thank you!



Put the majority of them right on the during and after P+C's if your goal is gaining mass. then the rest on the others not a huge headach just get them in.

I would say get 2/3 to 3/4 right there in the w/o, pre, post, during area.

Just my approch that works for me.

Hope that helps,


I could be wrong, but your numbers look "funny". I'm 169 pounds LBM and my protein level is about 256 @ 3g/Kg. Fat is about 112g for me. what was your body fat level, MET, etc?


You want to have a ratio of about 3 or 4:1 CHO to PRO in your pre-and post workout drinks, and most of this should be in the form of simple sugars and things like maltodextrin (which is a glucose polymer--a long chain of glucose molecules that are quickly transformed into glucose in the body). You should try to stay away from sucrose (table sugar) fructose (fruit sugar) and lactose (milk sugar) because they can take longer to digest.

Convienently, you can buy a product called Surge! that's up to date with all of the best PWO (post-workout) reccomendations from this very website. I've tried a few different concoctions and nothing is faster, tastes better, or is a better price than Surge.

In a pinch, Chocolate milk or Whey mixed with Gatorade can get you through, but Surge should be your staple.

Dan "Biotest Pimp" McVicker


Thanks Dan,

So if Im to consume 3 or 4:1 carbs to protein, I would be lookin at 90 to 120g of carbs in these shakes and meal? Does that look right?



After my workouts I drink a glass of fruit juice that has a high GI index, then I comsume my protein.

I've been told if your blood sugar is low that apple juice can be one of the best things to help bring it up. Why would this be any different for glycogen restoration?


Except that Surge does not have a 4:1 CHO to PRO ratio. It's ratio is about 2:1. However, this IS the ratio that most of the nutrition experts on this site would recommend.


It's not the worst thing. It's just that fructose tends to replenish liver glycogen while a dextrose/glucose and malto combo replenishes muscle glycogen. Which is what you want.


I prefer a 3:1 ratio when bulking and a 2:1 ratio when cutting. Surge is a 2:1 ratio. Many will tell you this is optimal regardless of goals. If you're having 30 grams of protein, 60-90 grams of simple carbs would be optimal, IMO. I dont think you would need 120 or a 4:1 ratio.


So if I go with 90g of carbs in my three shakes (pre/during, post, and then MRP 30-45min after my post shake), that gives me 270g total. I am supposed to eat one more P+C meal after my MRP. In order to get in the 500g C required, I need another 230g carbs in the whole food meal after my MRP. This is a lot of carbs in one go and I dont think I can get them down! Recently, Ive been feeling like shit after I finish my post workout shake and dont feel like eating anything! Is there anyway I can get in some carbs before my workout? For example, a malto drink 30 min. before my pre/during shake?



Yah, it's official. There is something wrong with me. In order to get in the 500g C that I require, I ate protein bar with 35g C, half an hour before my workout. Then, immediately before my workout, I chugged a complex carb drink with 100g C, then consumed 90g C in my pre/during and post workout recovery shakes. I got halfway through my workout and nearly vomitted all over the squat rack. I had to go home a sleep for an hour before I felt a little better. I couldnt eat anything for a few hours after. How the frig am I gonna get in all these carbs if it makes me ill?!!!