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Macronutrient breakdown of egg whites?

Hey guys does anyone know the macronutrient breakdown for egg whites. I usually eat one or two whole eggs and a bunch of egg whites everyday. The breakdown would really help to better organize my nutrition plans.

I’m confused, what exactly are egg whites? I cook my eggs sunny side up and eat them, is the part that turns white the “white” ?

I’m not exactly sure here, but I believe by just eating the whites and not the yolk u lose a couple grams of protein and most of the fat and cholesteral.

Yeah there’s the yolk and the white. Yolk is yellow, white is, well white. Just wanted to know the calories/carb/fat/protein breakdown of whites without the yolk.

Not sure where I pulled this from but I have always taken it to be 3 grams of protein per egg white. I guess it could vary on the size of the egg, I normally use the large ones.

Yeah DK I had heard that it was 1/2 the protein and none of the fat and cholesterol if you lose the yolk. I was just curious if anyone knew the exact numbers including the calories for egg whites minus the yolks. Thanks

Depends on the eggs you eat. Omega-3 enriched eggs are listed as having 13g of protein per egg. I usuall eat only whole eggs with these so I get the omega-3 in my diet.

Egg whites are 3-4g protein and really not much else. Minimal fat and carbs. Pick 3g for regular or large eggs and 4g for x-large eggs.

13g protein per egg! you must be using ostrich eggs. otherwise its 6 g pro total per egg.

Are you sure the omega-3 eggs have 13 grams of protein? That would be awesome if they did, but I have never seen eggs listed with more than 7 grams of protein before. Anybody else know about this?

One large egg: 75 calories (5g fat, 6g protein, 1.5g carbs). Of that 75 calories, 63 (including all fat and carbs) come from the yolk. The white is just 3g protein without any cholesterol (or any other significant nutrients either).