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Macro Tracker

Hey guys n’ gals,

I have used Fitday.com in the past and its a great little tool.

I’m looking at going on the Anabolic Diet as a lifestyle of eating…not so much as a diet just to eat that way to maintenance/cut/ and bulk. I know that daily you have a very strict Macro tracking to do Monday- Friday and its also important during the weekend re-loads as well…Im posting this because I cant realistically carry my laptop with me everywhere I go.

Have any of you seen an application like this that can be added to a phone interface? Or like a calculator type thing thats pocket sized?
Im really looking for something that is easy to take with me etc.
I know I could use a notepad and a pen but if you knew me you would know that would be a epic fail just waiting to happen.
Thanks for any help guys.

No ideas???

Bump. Because I have no clue where to find what they are looking for…

You can create a detailed log and macro-calculator in excel.
This will take a while if you’re not experienced and you need a phone that supports office mobile.


Hmm…thats an interesting idea…now I just need to hire someone to make that for me lol.