Macro Split While Cutting

Hey guys,

Im currently confused as to what to do. I am currently 190 pounds with about 15-17% body fat. I am coming off off surgery so I want to get stronger, because I lost some strength while also getting down to under 10% body as soon as possible. My question is regarding nutrition, although I wanted to make it known that my lifting schedule is 2 days on, 1 day off and repeat with fasted HIIT cardio on the day off and steady state on both lifting days . I focus mainly on heavy compound lifts with a few isolation exercises after.

The question I have is what is a good macro split for more of a body recomposition. I understand its very hard to build muscle and lose fat, but I wanted to cut first followed by a clean bulk. I am currently eating around 2400 calories a day, and I try to keep a 40P 40C 20F split. However I wanted feedback on better splits because of some concerns.

  • Do calories matter, and should I count them, or should I be more concerned with nutrient timing and my carb intake
  • If trying to burn fat and maintain or even gain strength, what would be an ideal pre and post workout meal (In terms of macros)
  • Should I eat carbs on non training days?
  • Are carbs from vegetables the same as carbs from rice and potatoes

Keep in mind, my current system hasn’t failed me I’m just getting started back up and wanted to be most efficient. Please let me know what you guys think and any other information that would help my fat loss while trying to gain strength.