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Macro Split When Altering Caloric Deficit/Surplus

So, a 40p/30c/30f seemed to be working fairly well for me during cuts/maintenance phases, though my perspective could be skewed. (I just now realize how much I was undereating, and have embarked on a quest to maximize my performance as a serious athlete.)

I’m having a hard time maintaining this ratio on my current scheme. Today, for example, I hit 2x bodyweight in g of protein, which still leaves me with 35f/34p/31c for the day. I haven’t even made it into a calorie surplus yet!

I know tricks for adding calories (I’m not afraid to just plain eat more, either), but it seems like maintaining this macro split is impractical given how much protein I’ve already ingested.

Any thoughts?

Your body doesn’t know ratios, so it doesn’t make sense to get hung up on them.

I recommend determining your protein intake and then accounting for your energy needs with carbs and fat.

If you don’t handle carbs well, you may want to go higher with your fat intake to take up the slack. Vice versa if you don’t handle fats very well.

The higher your overall calories, the lower your percentage from protein. If you lower your caloric intake, your percentage of calories from protein will go up.

I suppose it makes sense that the ratios are ultimately trivial, but they really are stressed by a number of highly regarded individuals. (Berardi in particular, but I feel as though some of his principles are a little misguided in application.)

My activity level is incredibly high, but I don’t think my body metabolizes carbohydrates very well. I think it would probably behoove me to favor fats over carbs, but not to skew my calorie balance too far in the direction of fats. Is that a fair assessment?

Bang on… that’s what I’ve been doing lately… Thibs always mentioned to not get hung up on macros, and calories etc… and you know what… he’s right… think in terms of nutrients, and meals… and what will be good for what… and when etc… time your carb intake according to your goals…