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Macro Ratios


I’m just starting JB’s Massive Eating/Growth Surge plan tomorrow. I’ve been having a real bitch of a time getting the numbers to work out for my daily totals.

When JB says that we should be shooting for a 40%/40%/20% Protein/Carb/Fat daily ratio (just an example), is he taking percentage of total Grams for these macro nutrients, or is he talking about a caloric ratio? If it’s calories, how do we figure out the values based on weight (grams), because that’s all that’s listed (except for fat) for most products.

I didn’t realize that I’d have to be a friggin’ math major to have a decent diet. F#ck!


little jay, jb is talking about calorie ratios and not grams … so if your total calorie intake is 4000, then
40 % calories from carbs is = 1600 cals
40 % calories from protein is= 1600 cals
20 % calories from fats is =800 cals

based on these numbers , you would be taking = 1600/4 = 400 grams carbs and proteins and
800/9 = 88.88 cals
hope this helps …buy a calorie counter and you will be fine or go to google and type calorie + counter and do a search. you will find it almost everywhere…