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Macro Ratios and Protein Intake??


It seems the "golden rule" for protein consumtion is 1.5g per lb of body weight. Just say Mr X weighs 200lb and he is in a bulking phase.He would therefore be consuming 300g of protein a day which would equal 1200 cal. If he was to use the ratio 40/40/20f (which I have read many times is the most optimal mac ratio) this would mean his daily cal intake would be 1200cal pr/1200cal carb/600cal fat which of course equals a total of 3000cal a day...(please correct me if this theory is wrong)

If he is not gaining,what does he change in his mac ratio to increase the daily calories if protein stays at 1.5g per lb bw?


Over. Thinking. Just. Eat. More. Fat. There, I choose one. Happy?

BTW, your two "theories" are actually contradictory, and they contradict because of the very question you asked.

If you really really really need something concrete to follow, then just always choose the mac ratio of 40/40/20f - if you're not gaining, increase total calories.


Carbs for me, but it's a matter of opinion mostly


O.K. I think I know what your saying.... Let me rephrase the question.
If Mr X is trying to bulk using a mac ratio of 40/40/20 BUT is not gaining, what does he change in his mac ratio? Is there a basic rule of thumb or pure guesswork in adding either fats or carbs?


So do you,or have you ever experimented with different amounts of protein in the past.If so what was your experience and why do you choose carbs for the extra cals?


To be honest I've made most of my gains just barely getting 1g/lb and hitting the carbs hard, did try more protein (300g) at one time, didn't do much for me. Carbs are very protein sparing because of their hormonal effect (insulin production) as well as giving you more energy for hitting workouts hard, while adding extra fat won't as much for you IMO.

I've actually heard an interview where a natural bber brought their protein down to 70g for an entire contest prep to prove a point, and at the end actually ended up gaining 1 lb of lean body mass.
There are definitely benifites to more protein within reason though.


It's a ratio. You just increase total calories...