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Macro Ratio vs Overall Intake


When cutting is one more important than the other when not wanting to feel like complete crap? I am currently trying to drop about 10lbs of fat and have been feeling really sluggish. My protein intake I believe was too high in comparison to carbs and fat. I noticed that some days I would take in about 500 less calories and feel better.

In my log I saw that I was eating more carbs and felt better even though I was eating less. What I want to do is start over on monday with a better plan. Is there a starting point (rough estimate BW x 15 - 500) calorie wise and ratio wise? I know it will have to be individually tweaked every so often but, what I am doing now is not working.


Each person will feel better with either fats or carbs higher. For me it's carbs and low fat. Then just vary the carbs based on goals. Gaining bump carbs. Lean out cut carbs 1-2 days to get the ball rolling then either drop more those days or add in another lower day. Ie carb cycling. But I keep fat low and protein med until carbs get pretty low then I will Increae protein a bit


IMO it's most important in a deficit to find the sweet spot for pro and fat first...see where you feel the best. THEN start manipulating rest of cals with increases/decreases in carbs.


My experience with current fat loss plan has been to focus primarily on macros. I had a predetermined % for each macro in the beginning and reduce overall calories over time to the point it's no longer beneficial to keep dropping calories. Then I slowly decrease carb % and increase protein % while keeping overall calories constant. This on top of adding HIIT as fat loss plateau has shown me some results.


Would there be a starting point minimum in regard to fat and/or carbs? I remember Brick posting an article stating 1.5 g of protein per lb and 100 g carb minimum from there tweak it by adding more carbs and/or fat.


What are you at now?


The truth is, it doesn't really matter. Just start somewhere. It's the weekly modifications that make the difference.


I would tend to disagree. You want to start with as many calories/macros as you can while still losing


Right now I am at around 60% pro, 20% carb, 20% fat give or take a few percents depending on food available. Most of my carbs come from veggies so, I also get a lot of fiber. Overall calorie intake tops at about 2400-2500 calories. I did not realize the breakdown was this protein heavy.

I was wondering if the large intake of high fiber veggies was causing a lowering of Blood Sugars adding to feeling sluggish at certain times.


Well pro is certianly too high and dunno bout others but I never count carbs from fibrous greens

Start measuring so you know what your eating. Personally I would slowly start exchanging carbs for pro.


Start off

250 pro
250 carb
75 fat

There ya go. Check back in in a week.