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Macro Ratio for Muscle Building


Thinking of sticking too a 40/30/30 split (C/P/F). That way my daily intake is 280/210/93. Would it be ideal to lower the amount of fat and up either the carb or protein? Or just leave things the way they are?


Only your body can answer that question.

The bigger question here would be, Why do you choose a certain split, then in the same breath, want to change it?

BTW, the ideal split is the one your body responds best to.


Well, I’d rather abide by a split that has been proven and that make adjustments from there. Like, if 40/30/30 is what is most efficent for most people then adjust if I feel I may not have enough energy or just not gaining the weight


Again, only you can tell what is efficient for you. Try it for a month, see how your body responds, make small adjustments.

Example, I respond better to a Anabolic type of diet. Yet, my wife gets horrible stomach cramps that way. For her, moderate fat and higher carbs works better.

Some people react very well to IF type diet. It makes me sick. Nasty headache for two months is all I could handle.

What is most efficient for “people” is irrelevant. you need to find what is efficient for you.

Good luck.


sticking to? what you already doing and how is that working?

if you’re doing this already, sure. keep it at it. as JFG said, make small changes and see how you respond. (ex: take away 5g fat and add 10g carbs).

if you weren’t doing this before, or have no idea what you were doing before, maybe even try 33/33/33 and work up to 40/30/30 by making small changes.


Agree with everything above. Your body is going to require a certain amount of nutrients for normal function, and even more for optimal function, and even more for growth.

Lets say for example you require 100 of carbs a day to function normally, and 200g carbs for growth( rounded numbers for simplicity). Eating 40% carbs, at 2000 calories,
Is the same as eating 20% carbs at 4000 calories.

This example is true for fats and protein as well. Find your sweet spot by making small adjustments in your diet, and see where you fee the best and you get the greatest measurable gains. But no specific ratio will magic unless you’re getting enough calories. And vice versa, your calories will let you manipulate your macros