Macro Nutrient Ratio & Body Set Point

Hi All, I trust that everyone is well?

I am looking for some guidance and knowledge if you would be so kind as to help me?

I have recently started keeping a food log (My Fitness Pal) in an effort to clean up my diet and keep track of calories in & out (Keeping G-Flux in the back of my mind here)

My question to those that would know, is, if I am embarking on a body recomp (I have a high enough BF% and have been out of the gym long enough to warrant this), what would my ideal macro-nutrient ratio be? If body recomp is out of the question, then what would the ratio be for a lean bulk? (Fat loss is a minor concern here, see below)

I would also like to know, how long, more or less, it takes your body to adapt to a new metabolic set point? The reason I ask is, after keeping my food diary on My Fitness Pal, it has become apparent to me that along with incorrect macros, I have been grossly under eating which explains why I find it so difficult to shift the pounds and to stay with an exercise plan, which leads to cutting more calories and more of the same problems. That is why I am looking at G-Flux…I will be adding extra calories (at least to maintenance) and increasing activity levels. How long, more or less do you think it would be for my body to adapt to the higher calories?