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Macro Nutrient Calories in the Get-Big Diet?


Hey, the rookie again. Here's a question for all of those on this forum who are on the Get-Big-Diet or who have previously been on it.

According to the portions outlined by the diet as it is:


what caloric figures did you guys get for the macro nutrients (daily intakes).
Please dont get me wrong, I'm not trying to find a short cut to someone doing my home work for me, I'd just like to compare figures.

As we're all different, our caloric intakes should be different right? and mine should be over 4000 a day, so I'd just like to know what you guys got when calculating those exact portions, and b.) if you time, how did you manipulate this diet to get your figures right. That diet applied to me, lacks in the fats, and protein totals dept.

thanks. super rook


For any bulking diet you would like to consume a lot of carbs and protein since dietary fats are not as beneficial(when bulking). Don't get me wrong they are good to eat so don't leave them out! Anyways, I would say do this.

BW x 3 or 4 with carbs
BW x 2 for protein
BW x.5 for Fats

50% Carbs
35% Pro
15% Fats

Play with those numbers but that is where they should be around to bulk. Good luck.


thanks bobo. forgive me if utterly ignorant, but my BW x 2 for proteins? thats like 185 lbs x 2 = 370 calories??
that cant be right?

has no one ever tried this diet? more so, is NO one currently on this diet? is that crap?



185 x 2 = 370g Protein x 4 = 1,480 Caloires