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Macro IPhone Apps

Does anyone use any Iphone apps, or apps in general to keeps a daily diet log or to keep track of their macros?

Dont know how convenient it would be, but if anyone can recommend any good ones, id be willing to try.


I just started using DailyBurn recently. You create an account via their website and it allows you to track your diet, workouts, and goals. There is also an iPhone app where you can add your meals, keep track of your macros, and add your workouts that syncs with the website.


It’s been the best app I’ve found so far - it works in diet and any physical activity you need.

Tap & Track
To be honest, I used it daily for a month and a half and then just stopped using it.

[quote]jehovasfitness wrote:


I’ve been using “mypersonaldiet” and “mysporttraining”. Both sync to the desktop software “vidaone”. Very happy with it.

I use a farting application.