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Macro Estimating

I recall you giving macro estimating numbers similar to your .5g/lb for fat, what were your other ones for cutting and bulking? Do you prefer these over the guidlines given by JB in Massive Eating and Don’t Diet??

Hey, there, Boss14!!! Thanks for posting your question on the board. It’s a good 'un. (grin)


Protein 1.25-1.5g x LBM
Fat .5g x LBM
Carbs Unfortunately, there are no easy answers on this one. A good starting point would be to use T-Dawg 2.0’s carb recommendations. I’ve been known to go higher and lower depending on a person’s activity levels, genetics, insulin sensitivity (or lack therof).

Bulking without Chemical or Prohormone Assistance

Protein 1.5g x LBM
Fat .5g x LBM
Carbs 1.5g

The numbers above are only a starting point. Some people, due to their young age and fired-up metabolisms (and even activity levels), require significantly higher numbers. I’d go up to 2g x LBM for protein and carbs, both. And the 2g number (for carbs and protein) is usually my starting point for those using chemical or prohormone assistance.

Questions, thoughts, alternative points of view, anyone?

Could you give your recomendations for bulking with an androgen?

Boss, 2g Protein, 2-3g Carbs x TBW. That number needs to be adjusted every two weeks if you’re doing a Mag-10 cycle 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off.