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Macro Efficiency

Would I be able to get the most use out of my carbohydrates if I consumed all of them directly before and right after excersing.

My reasoning behind this is that normall one takes Surge before and after their wokout, along with the fact that JBeradi’s solving the post workout puzzle prescribed .8g of carbohydrates for a kilo of body weight.

So I could take in 1.6g of carbs before and after working out aggregate–which is about the same amount I eat in a day anyway.

Does this make sense, or is consuming all of those carbohydrates in the space of a couple hours too much?

DiPasquale and Serrano have recommended this within the context of their dietary approaches. DiPasquale did this with a bunch of WWF guys.

I would suggest that you check out the “Dont Diet Diet”. It lays out pretty much what you are asking about when to take in the majority of your carbs. The time is during training and the meals that directly follow your traing. Also the T-dawg diet is a good source.

PHill- So far I’ve been following t-dawg2, which is where I got the idea of taking it to the next level by consuming all carbs, not just 70 of them, during and post workout.

Tanks for catching the pre/during mistake.