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Macro/Calorie Requirements On Cycle?

what should be different between being on or off a cycle as it relates to macros and calories…

looking to bulk, 8 - 10 week test e only cycle…

is 500 over maint enough of a surplus, and i’m guessing 1-1.5 protien per lb of bw, .5 per lb fats, balance in carbs…

It depends on your goals and how your body reacts to what youre taking really.

If your goal is to gain appreciable mass while keeping fat gain in check, i would guess you can get away with (or may need) to eat more than a 500cal surplus. The key i believe is to know what kimd of diet you actually grow on while natural, and add a bit more to this. Then you have to observe what happens to your body and adjust from there.

I have read some accounts of people taking up to 3gms of protein per lbs of body weight, but the vast majority of what i see is 1.5-2gms per lbs.

It’s just my second cycle and I’ll admit that i still have a lot to learn about my body, but here’s what im consuming right now on a cycle of 600test/400EQ:

Calories: between 700-1300 surplus (1000cals surplus on most days)
Protein: 1.5-1.7g/llbs bw
I eat the same stuff almost everyday. Chix breast, brown rice amd evoo.

Hope this helps.

I have gained some fat with this, but not to an unacceptable amount to my standards. I have gainef a considerable amount of muscle, which makes me very very happy with this cycle/diet. Hope this helps.