Macro Breakdown

The last week or so I have been getting 40 per cent caloric intake from protein, 40 from fat and 20 from carbs. The fats are split equally between saturated, mono unsaturated and poly unsaturated.

I have only been doing this for a week or so, so I can’t really judge if it is going to be beneficial or not yet, but I wanted some people’s opinions who have this type of macro break down. How long have you been doing it? How has it worked for you?

That’s the macro breakdown I use when cutting.

What are your goals? How many calories do you eat per day? What do you weigh?

I want to gain.

I am at 5’ 10" at 172lbs. I want to gain as much weight as I can. My diet is extremely clean. I am thinking I need to eat more carbs to gain the weight. I have a hard time gaining weight apparently. I am at roughly 10% body fat, but have never measured. I can see my top four abdominals.

I have been eating 3500 - 4000 kcals the past two weeks.