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Macro Breakdown of Ground Beef

Out of curiosity, does anyone know the macro break down of ground beef or if the one below is correct?

I only ask because I was looking at www.nutritiondata.com earlier today when I cooked up some taco meat. Their listing is that 148g of 80/20, crumbled and pan browned ground beef contains 40g of protein.


I grab my food scale and measure out the correct amount. I was a bit shocked that the amount was about as much a decent sized meatball.

It just really doesn’t ‘look’ right.

Thanks for any input.

Well 4 oz. of 85/15 beef is 23g of protein and when it’s cooked it’s not all that much. Hence why I always make a lb.

From your measurements, that’s about 113g per 23g of protein. Double that gives you close to the 40g of protein suggested by nutriondata.com, but includes about 80 more grams of beef. That’s using a lower fat content as well.