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Macro Breakdown For Cut


About a year ago I had good fat loss success with a diet that looked about like this: 200g protein, 55g fat, and 100g carbs with 250g carbs on back and leg days. Fish oil was taken with every meal.
My stats then were 6’ @ 185lbs around 25% bodyfat.

I am 17 now, 6’1" @ 200lbs and 17-18% bf, and would like to get to 10-12% or so. I am unsure where I should be calorie wise, my guess is somewhere around 2,000. Would 225g protein, 50g fat, and 175g carbs with a 300g refeed once a week be sufficient? Would a higher fat/lower carb macro split be better for what I’m wanting to accomplish?


The original macros work out to 1700 calories, which is probably too low.

I suspect 2,000 is also too low for you to start, and I wouldn’t worry so much about carbs to start.

Try a straight up 40/30/30 at a slight caloric deficit (500 per day) to begin and just monitor it for a few weeks. When it gets tough, add in some HIIT and consider cycling carbs then.

Good luck.


At 17 you are still growing. You dont need a calorie restriction diet just train hard, run sprints/hills for cardio, eat clean wholefoods and no junk or sugar and you will lean out fast.

Make 90% of your diet come form these foods and you can actually go pretty crazy with overall calories…


That’s just what I needed to hear. I’ll take this and run with it. Thank you!