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Macro Adjustment when Adding Cardio/Basketball to 531?


Hi folks,

First time posting here, but have been following the threads for several years.

I’m 27, I have been following 531 Boring but big for 1year and 1/2 with great success, overall have been lifting seriously for 3 years.

For the past 10 weeks I have been cutting with some success (6kg/13lb lost, went from 93kg/205lb to 87kg/191lb) without any hunger feeling or decreased libido.
On top of that I have been maintaining my lifts, and even having an all time PR on the deadlift, and some rep PR on BP and Squat.

This week I am picking up basketball again, and will transition from a 4x/week 531BBB training with no cardio to the 2 day 531 template (focusing on strength with Dips and Pullups as assitance) with 2 basketball trainings.

My question was on Maccro adjustements:

should I bump up my maccros to account for the increased energy expenditure or leave it untouched?
If so, how would you go about adjusting them (gradually, on training day, every day?)

Thanks for the help,

Stay strong !


I would not touch it. Than If you feel like getting weaker increase it. I only concern with eating if I’m going weak on my lifts or feel tired. Other way around you should concern about eating while getting slower and not as explosive as you were. Like Jim said, train like athlethe and adjust to your performance not way you look. Also If you play basketball I would do pylos too.


Eat for performance, not for looks. I wouldn’t change anything and see how you feel. If you start to fall apart because of your sport, eat more, if you still feel fine and don’t start dropping pounds like an anorexic ballerina, you should be ok. If you notice mood changes or start to become lethargic or your lifts go down, adjust accordingly. I think a simple fix would be to have some carbs as your intra-sport drink instead of plain water. I hate to say Gatorade, but that could do it. I personally have bulk HBCD spiked with electrolytes (think Plazma) mixed with a couple tablespoons of hydrolyzed casein, beta-alanine, citruline malate and leucine. Yes, it’s basically home made Plazma. Anytime my performance in lifting declines I up the dosage I take during physical activity and that seems to do the trick. I don’t pay attention to macros or calories anymore, but I have years of experience knowing what I need to eat for my goals. At 38 I’ve all but given up on abs - they show a little, but I’m more concerned with traps and shoulders than abs. Honestly FUCK abs - I’d rather them be strong than look good. My wife could give 2 shits.


Honestly, I don’t care about abs either,i forgot to mention but the reason to drop some Kg/lb was to be more mobile, ligther on my knees for basketball.

I will keep the Maccros the same for now, and adjust as it goes. Definitely have felt increased levels since picking up basketball

Thanks for the advice!