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MacMixer13's Log !

Hey everybody new to tnation, starting a log! On starting strength right now.

Squat 155 3x5
Bench 125 3x5
Deadlift 185 1x5 my max is 250 for 3 but i wanted to change my form so yea.
OHP 100 1x3


Bench felt good today, not sure where im at on deadlift or squat though, having form problems

Bench 115 2x10 1x9 1x6
Deadlift 185 1x5 xArena was showing me a new form, and it feels good.
Squat 125 3x5 still high barring but switching to low bar soon

17/6/12 still felt stiff after friday, probably didnt eat enough. Reset on OHP and started low bar squatting.
OHP 85 3x5
Squat 125 3x5
randomn pull-ups

Bench today was disappointing. Got a friend of mine who deadlifts a decent amount (450) to help me with my form but i got work to do.
Bench 120 2x5 close grip 100 for 7
Squat 130 3x5 felt pretty light
deadlift 185 1x5 form wasn’t completely there
50 chin ups

So went yesterday, weights felt good enough.

OHP 90 3x5
Squat 135 3x5
tricep pulldowns 57.5 3x6
Chin-ups 50

Wasn’t able to complete workout yesterday, had to skip deadlift cuz i was gonna be late for soccer practice. Started doing tricep pulldowns again for bench, stopped them for a while and bench went down. Squat continuing to feel good which is a nice change after all the problems.
Squat 140 3x5
bench 125 1x4.5 then did 110 5x3
pulldowns 62.5 3x6

I really do not know what I am doing for deadlift. Squat, I almost failed second set, started going back down for a second but fixed it. OHP i was disappointed that i forgot to test my max, seeing as I might not be able to lift for most of July, oh well.

Squat 145 3x5
OHP 95 1x5, felt light did 1 rep of 100 haven’t increased in several months
Deadlift, 195 1x5
pushups 2x10 w/ 25lbs plus body weight, 1x4 with 35lbs

Probably wont get to go to the gym this month as im at a camp without a weight room. Gonna do some body weigfht shit to supplement my bench, i.e push ups not sure about squat though, saturday was my last day and got body weight bench for 2 so hooray!

Squat 155 1x3 1x2 135 2x5
Bench 45 2x5 85 1x3 115 for 1 140 1x2
deadlift 205 1x5
dumbell bench 45 1x4 couldnt get 50 for some reason