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Mackk's Log


Hey everyone. I decided after a while I should keep a log here to keep myself honest and maybe learn a thing or two.


I've had a relatively short training history with actual knowledge and adequate nutrition propelling me, but I've always had a drive to maintain a healthy life-style for many reasons; foremost among them is the fact that I have type I (juvenile) diabetes, which I was diagnosed with at 11 months old. I'm currently pursuing a double major in Criminology & Human Rights and Equities Studies at university in Canada. Currently, I'm 19 years old.

My introduction to training came when I began playing football at a young age, I continued to do so for years until a knee injury put an end to it. I used to (around age 16-17) run 9 miles a day, 5-6 days a week, I was terrified of becoming fat but eventually my body adapted and poor (ignorant) nutrition resulted in a poor physique. I began lifting and educating myself on exercise and nutrition roughly 1.5 years ago and I've made pretty decent progress.

Currently I'm trying to get stronger and in better condition using a ramping strength system and general met-con type hybrid, largely inspired by Alpha's training style.

Current stats:

Height: 5'10

Weight: 205-210

PRs (a typical result of too much focus on upper body and not enough on basic compound movements):

Bench: 325x2

Deadlift: 445

Squat: 405x2

Military: 185x4 (strict)

Today's workout looked like this:

Row 400m fast as possible, then

8 reps, 5 rounds of each exercise with as little rest as possible, 95 pounds on the bar.

*Conventional DL w/ high pull

*BB rows


*Power cleans

*Back squats

Row 400m fast as possible.

Back Squats ss w/ heavy obliques

135x15, 85x10

185x12, 85x10

225x10, 85x10

245x10, 85x10

275x8, 85x10

275x8, 85x10

Leg Curls ss w/ decline situps (25pound plate behind head)

85x15, 25x10

105x10, 25x10

155x10, 25x10

195x8, 25x10

215x8, 25x10

230x6, 25x8

230x5, 25x5

One legged leg press, switching legs w/ as little break as possible for entire exercise

2 plates per side x10

3 plates per side x 10

3 and a quarter per side x8

3 and a quarter per side x8

Finished with calves and leg raises.

Thanks everyone for reading this, and I'll be updating tommorow!

(this was started yesterday on 5100block.com, I'll be posting today's session immediately after)


Heres today's training session:

Row 500m fast as possible

a1.Benchpress-95x15,135x10,185x10,225x10,245x8, 275x6, 275x6, 225x10,225x10,225x10

a2.Barbell row-95x15,135x10,185x10,225x10,245x8, 275x8, 275x8, 225x10,225x10,225x10

a3. Knees-to-chest off bench-bodyweight x20, one set for every set of bench&row

b1. bodyweight dips-bwx20, 6 rounds

b2. decline pushups-bwx20, 6 rounds

c1. tricep pushdowns-200x12,220x10, 220x10, 220x10, 220x10, 200x10

c2. pushups-bwx20,6 sets

Had to work for an hour and a half, and finished with 20m run.


felt kinda weak on bench today, my rotators just seem to burn and pain no matter how much I warm them up, I hope it goes away.


Yesterdays workout:

Run 400m

50 pound DB Cleansx15

DB swings x15


leg raises x15

burpees x10

(repeat cycle 3 times)


ramped my way up slowly to 3 sets of 405 for 6, felt very nice.

DB rows





Barbell rows










felt quite fun and had a good time, loved getting the deadlifts that heavy for reps as I've never been able to do that before.


Today's workout:

Row 800m

Military press







Behind the neck push-press




DB neutral grip shoulder-press





Cable face-pulls






Today's workout:

Barbell complex, 85 pounds on the bar.

8 barbell rows

8 deadlifts w/ highpulls

8 snatches

8 skawatts

3 rounds as fast as possible

Barbell squats worked my way up to 325x5 ss w/ 85 pound dumbell obliques 10 reps, did 3 rounds of this then ramped downwards

Sumo deads worked my way up to 315x5 ss w/ 15 pushups, did 4 rounds and ramped down

RDL's worked up to 225x10 no supersets

one leg leg press, ramped to 380 (pin loaded, not so very impressive) 10 reps ss w/ 8 burpees

then some mobility work and walked home in the oh so lovely snow.

Comments: I was not to happy when interrupted by father and son douche-duo asking me if I had many sets left, cause they wanted to use the leg-press behind me and I apparently was banging the plates too loudly so they would wait until I was done (I was barely touching the ground with the barbell during my sumos). Left a bad taste in my mouth but then again what do you expect from a couple of douchers that spend a half hour, literally, doing 1/5th leg presses with 8 plates a side.


Ramped Bench press to 275x5 supersetted with 100 pound DB rows 10 reps, 4 rounds dickin around with the weight alittle bit up and alittle bit down

Dips using only bodyweight supersetted with pushups 20x20, 4 rounds

Incline DB benchpress worked up to 100x5, 4 rounds

Tricep pushdowns on cable machine, weight was pretty high but cant remember, 5 sets of 12

ran 25 minutes


Tuesday's workout:

Shovelled snow for just under 8 hours.

I will consider this GPP.


Yesterday's workout:

Started with 3 rounds complexes, 95 pounds on the bar:

8 power cleans

8 push press

8 back squats

8 pushups

8 pullups

Ramped up military press 175x5 and ramped down, every set supersetted with heavy db obliques 90 pounds 10 reps (about 8 sets total),

Neutral grip seated db shoulder press-ramped to 80x5 for 5 sets

Lower back extentions- 25 pound plate behind the head, 12 reps for 5 sets

Ran 1 mile.


Shovelled snow on and off for 5 hours...fun.