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Machines You Like?

I know that using machines is a bit taboo on this site but have started using more of them, primarily becuase my gym is filled with them. So I was just wondering, since I haven’t touched most of them, what machines others think are valuable…you know…for a machine?

I’ll start. Although my current gym doesn’t have one, I have always liked the Nautilus pullover machine.

I’ve also been using a bunch of Hammer Strength machines and I like most of them so far.

Any opinions?

The ROM! 4 minutes a day, man… how can you go wrong? I swear, I went from like 9% bf to 2% bf. It was awesome.

I don’t fit with most people here but…

Hamer Strength Iso Row
Lat Pulldowns - cable
One are Cable rows (love these)

There is also some sort of dip machine I used before that was pretty decent. You could strap into a seat and the dip handles were connected to a weight stack. You could really punish yourself doing breakdowns on that thing.

i never use machines, but muscle fibre activation is muscle fibre activation, whether it comes from a leg press or from a squat.

i’m not naive or stupid, machines can be part of a program that gives great results. but i just don’t use them.

I like to alternate freeweight workouts with compound movements on machines.(I am just getting serious again after a 3 year perios of laziness)

Workout A
Trapbar Deadlift
Bent Row
Dumbell Bench

Workout B
Parallel-grip machine OHP
Parallel-grip machine Row
Leg Press.

I favor the Kegelcizer myself. Oh, clean and jerk in the Smith Machine really hits my gluticeps like a mofo.

I hate every machine I’ve tried. Always feel disappointed. Get me a barbell for Xmas please.

The gym I worked out in in high school had a really awesome machine row that I liked alot. Haven’t seen one since one as good since. Machine rows are basically the only machine I use, and I use them because I just don’t have enough juice left after squats or deadlifts or what have you to do real bent over rows.

That being said, I like the ones where you sit and pull either a weighted lever arm or a weight stack better then the “machine t-bar” where you lay prone and pull a weighted lever arm towards you.

Oh, and I occasionally use the hamcurl machine when there’s one that doesn’t suck, I’ve probably done them twice since Thankgiving or so.

Besides the leg curl, I enjoy certain Hammer Strength machines, primarily the chest supported high row.

The Boomster

The SuperCat vertical jump machine, Multi-Exercise by Nautilus & the pullover by Nautilus.

Ironmind handgrippers.

[quote]MikeTheBear wrote:
Ironmind handgrippers.[/quote]

Best machine out there, bar none.

Some of my most favorite (in no particular order) are:

Computer, TV, DVD player, Grill, Microwave, abduction/adduction machine

joking about the last

I always thought the terminator was kick ass machine.



I don’t think any machine will replace free weight, but certainly there are some out there that are useful. Some movements you can’t do with free weight. Machines should supplement your weight training, not replace it.
Pulldowns- I know, I know, do chins. But sometimes you want to use less than bodyweight. I prefer some machines over cables for this.
Pullover machine- Already mentioned, this is good for lat shaping.
Pec Deck- A dumbell fly just can’t give you a squeeze in the center like these do.
Calf Press- standing or seated
4 Way neck- again, hard to do with free weight.
The Jammer- Hammer makes this one, I’ve only seen it in high school gyms, but it was fun.

[quote]OneEye wrote:
MikeTheBear wrote:
Ironmind handgrippers.

Best machine out there, bar none.[/quote]

Personally I prefere the R.B.s, smaller jumps between the grippers.

I like the Smith machine, Yeah, I really do.

Perfect for streching out the hamstrings because the adjustable height and not to forget the perfect design as a storageplace for the towel when not using it.


I like the leg press. Great for days where I want to work legs, but can’t get the intensity required for squats or lunges.

Just strap me in and HOOKSHAH! Mindblowing.

Have you tried the Sybian yet??

I’m 99% free weights, with the exception of two. I LOVE, and you mentioned it in the original post, the Nautilus pullover machine. Personally, I think it’s the best designed machine I’ve ever used and even prefer it to standard\free weight pullovers. 2nd would be the Hammer Strength pulldown. I think it’s called the iso lateral one, where your kind of pulling down at a 45 degree angle? Anyway, again, for back, I love doing a few drops sets of this after my standard back routine.

[quote]Dirty Tiger wrote:
Have you tried the Sybian yet??[/quote]

No, but I heard Jenna Jameson on it when she was on the Howard Stern Show…I’m guessing that’s probably her favorite machine now…