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Machines? Nah...


Awhile ago I posted regarding powertec. After speaking with the owner of a Fitness Depot two minutes away from me, who actually owned one, I've reconsidered. I've picked up a Northern Lights incline/flat bench. Going to get the weight stand/bar, then 300 or so pounds of Olympic CAP weights and finally, a Northern Lights Power Rack.

It wasn't that he was selling me, or that he thought the machine I wanted was crap. He made some points about the mechanics of it and how the lever works. And he seems interested in getting me what I need rather that the shiny things that distract me but that might make him more sales. It helps too that he's the owner and gets me a good price. I realized I don't need/want flash and that my space can easily support the weights, bench, rack and so on. Heck, I can even fit a cardio machine in.

So, onward and upward. I've changed my diet and am getting back into things with a view to looking awesome and actually being able to get back to studying Ninjutsu without feeling like I'll keel over. To everyone that took the time to offer opinions regarding machines and such, thanks. I do believe I'll stick around. And once I get going, maybe even get a log going here....as soon as I figure out how that is! :slight_smile:


yes free weights are good :slight_smile:


I like cables


this. Cables are always a welcome addition.


For a home gym, free weights are probably your best option.

But don't discount machines. Some of the biggest guys here use machines regularly in their routines. I believe PX uses them exclusively, although he said a lot of his growth came from free weights initially.


I do tons of shit, but yeah, machines make up a large portion of what I do because my goal is to remain as injury free as possible...and the bigger you get and the stronger you get, the easier it is to get seriously injured.

People can laugh all they want or act like that doesn't make me "hardcore"...but my muscles are usually bigger. 'Nuff said.


if you're building a home gym, then yes, free weights are probably better because they are generally more versatile and will take up less room.... but to think that machines are worthless is very ignorant.

some people love em, some people dont. thats just life. some people say pickles taste better than cucumbers


i take back what i said.

genuienly cant believe you wasted the money on free weights when u could of got a nice pec deck/leg extension/pulldown combo! all the big boys use them. fuck heavy weights. 3 sets of 10 on the leg extensions is the only way!!


Reading comprehension -1


The only machines that I feel are "bodybuilding oriented" are Hammerstrength, they are just about the closest you can get to free weights. All other brands I've seen are junk with shitty ROM designed for the average gym goer.


What does "bodybuilding oriented" even mean? You don't think the cable crossover machine, lat pulldown, or smith machine help people build muscle?


^^^nautilus makes some pretty good stuff too IMO... especially things like leg press, smith machine, calf machines. my college gym had nautilus equipment and i didn't have any objection to most of it.


If I could start a home gym I would start off with a power rack w/a bench and dumbells. And a pull-up bar. You can pretty much get all the basics covered right there. I like using hammer machines as much as anyone but they just dont make much sense for a home gym. Why spend all that money on a machine you can only use for one exercise? Maybe over time add them in if you can pick one up for cheap but definately not a necessity.


I love cable pressing. Most of my training is cables. I used to laugh at the crossover thing but that was because I wasn't doing them right. Lol

If I ever do put money into a home gym I'm definitely buy a magnum crossover set up and all the attachments.


I 100% agree. I have a home gym in my basement and there's no way I could fit all the HS machines that I want. They're expensive as hell too. Gym's are way too inexpensive (mines $20 a month) to justify buying all that equipment. I've got the home gym as a backup to supplement just in case I can't get to the gym or want an additional workout.


Built with bodybuilders in mind, as opposed to the casual gym user. Sturdy stuff with the proper range of motion and ability to progressively overload. A Hammer Strength incline bench feels very similar to an incline bench press.

And I'm not talking about lat pulldowns or smith machines or cables, I meant brand name machines. You know, the stuff that comprises 90% of the floor in commercial gyms.

I love the Hammerstrength high row, the incline/decline press, shoulder press and shrug machine.


Ah, you mean treadmills and ellipticals!


I wasn't saying that machines are shit. Trust me, I do think they are good (some of em anyways. Can't sell me on a Bowflex that's for sure) I just thought that given my goals a rack/bench/dumbells were a better idea. Go with the steak not the sizzle so to speak. Cheaper too as it turns out. As I have room for one or the other, I had to make a choice. True, convenience did weigh in. If I need something I can walk down the street to Fitness Depot. If something were to go wrong with the Powertec, I'd be SOL as they're in Mississauga and I'm in Kitchener. That and honestly, the last time I talked to the store that sold the Powertec, they really didn't seem interested.


And I'm just starting out. When I get bigger, we'll see...:slight_smile: