Machine: What's your program?

Machine, you posted your training and supplement program somewhere and I can’t find it. The results were very good as I recall. Could you fill us in on the details here? Thanks!!!

Drink, eat, and kill a girl on film. Oops, sorry, 8mm flashback. :slight_smile:

I’d be happy to give a brief insight into my training and eating/supplement program. I’m not sure if you’re wanting to know my current program or one of my old ones. Let me know and I’ll post about them.

Currently I'm in the middle of a Myostat/MAG-10 eight week cycle. MAG-10 is being used at 1.5 doses/day for two week cycles and one week breaks. I've done a few other MAG-10 cycles most at 1 dose/day. I've had good results with MAG-10, usually 10-15 lbs. in two weeks.

My training programs have varied in the past year greatly. Currently I'm training with some Westside methods and Renegade methods. Soon I will be in the best shape of my life, and the strongest I've been. In the past it was mostly bodybuilding type stuff that I experimented with. I'd be happy to post about either.

My eating program is the most rigid and doesn't change much. I'm very strict on what I eat and I get a lot of grief because of it. For the most part I eat 500 to 1,000 calories over my set point during gaining phases. I have an insane metabolism and my body requires a ton of food to hold onto my weight. For example, I currenlty sit at 227 lbs., probably 13% bodyfat, and I have to eat 4,500 calories just to stay at this weight. I know guys that weigh 260 at 15 or 16% bodyfat that can get by on 2,500 calories. I'd be glad to fill you on my eating regimen if you're interested.

As you said, I have had very good results with my programs. If I stopped the training and supplements, and went back to "normal" eating I'd be back at 170 lbs. in two or three months.

Thanks for the info! I may try that supplement schedule next time around with only one week off. Do you plan on using Tribex or M after the 8 weeks?