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Machine Preference?

Dr Darden.
In my gym aside from the typical cyber/ life fitness etc machines, I have access to both the hammer strength plate loaded series as well as the nautilus nitro. Which do you prefer?

I like the Nautilus Nitro. But there are several of the Hammer plate loaders that I also would use.

I know you’re not looking to buy a machine but I can’t tell you how many machines I heard were great so I had to have them. After obsessing about getting them for some time I finally got them And I found I didn’t like them. You just gotta try them and see if they work well for you.

Which hammer plate loaders are standouts in your opinion?

I have not used Hammer machines in 10 years. So I went to their website and they have 40 different machines, many of which I have not seen or used.

I remember, however, that I preferred the Hammer machines that had fused movement arms, as opposed to independent movement arms.