Machine Hack Squat Pain

Has anyone done the Machine Hack Squat and felt some serious anterior knee pain afterward? I tried the mountain dog Leg workout from Meadows and it was awesome besides the hack squat which i got through, but had to deal with some pain.

Where do you guys set up your feet? What angle to you have the lower platform at? Anyone else have the same type of pain? Any form tips?

Thanks yall

I set it up so the pad is further away from my body. Also when you go into the very bottom of the movement do your knees pass your toes much? If so stand further down on the pad, this could be what is causing the pain

City - also, if you are lucky enough to have a platform that adjusts up and down, play with that. Hack squat machines are sometimes just set at to steep of an angle and not designed correctly…as the other gentleman said too, play with your foot position…move it up and out…