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Machine for Determining Caloric Intake

Hello all,
I used to be a member here a long time ago but have since forgotten my log-in info.

I read about it here ( I think ) a machine that you breathe into that was able to somehow determine your energy expenditure and extrapolate what your caloric maintenance requirement is.

I know that there are a couple of formulas to use but when I read about this machine it seemed to do a better job than the formula. I did in fact find and use one in 2003 and applied the data I got successfully.

The problem is that I cant remember the name and the place I used it last has since moved. Anyone remember or know the name of this machine?

An indirect calorimeter.

But I have no idea if a health club or medical facility that uses it will call it that in their advertisements to patients or whether the person answering the phone would use that term for it, or something else, or perhaps just know what they call their service for estimating resting metabolic rate from the breath rather than knowing the name of the machine.