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Machine Exercise Questions

I posted on here a while back with a typical skinny kid with a low BF thinking he had abs . Unfortunately due to money problems I couldn’t join a GYM till now but in this time I have done what you said “eat squat sleep repeat” hence gaining over 40lbs . I have just joined a GYM but I can’t use free weights till I’m 17 -I’m 16 now, I really want have a good bench,squat and dead lift what can I do on the machines available to prepare for this?

2nd question - I get some pretty good numbers on the this machine:

How similar is this to a squat ?


It’s not. You can do a mathematical calculation and take 70% (of the weight on the sled + the weight of the sled) less your body weight and get the theoretical amount of your squat but for a lot of people the limiting factor in a squat is your lower back, not your legs. The leg press does not work the lower back. Get a big rock and hold it overhead and squat with it. That will get your back in shape for when you can get to use a barbell.