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Machete Trailer


So....remember that fake trailer during "Grindhouse?" Well here is the first real trailer for the actual film....with a special message for Arizona..lol.


A proper lead role for Danny Trejo is way overdue. Brilliant move on Rodriguez's part to put a b-list actor in the lead and 'boost' the movie by filling the cast out with bigger stars like De Niro and Jessica Alba.


Nice! when does it come out?


Michelle Rodriguez is hot as fuck.


Even hotter with the eyepatch, bikini and sniper rifle.


September 3.


good looking out,drewh.


Sweet, I'm excited.


September 3?

FUUUUUUUCK. That's like 100 years! This movie would be a PERFECT addition to this Summer's movie season.

Looks great though, and I second Michelle Rodriguez looking hot as fuck.


Danny Trejo is the closest thing we've had to an old-school action hero since the last Rambo movie.


I approve of everything in this movie besides Lindsay Lohan....Why is she in this movie?


Bad. Ass.

I'd heard rumors that Tarantino was actually going to make this into a real flick and I'm thrilled to hear they were true.

Only thing I see "wrong" is that the movie looks a little too "clean" and over-edited. The preview looked more grainy and yellow, like it was really made on 35mm during the 70's. I liked that feel to it. Having too much of a "new" look may take away from the experience just a bit.

But yeah, Danny Trejo for a lead role is LONG, long overdue.

You guys are aware of just how many movies he's in, right?

Oh, and I see that Michelle Rodriguez is playing "herself" again. I guess she's like the female Danny Trejo. Always a supporting role. Same damned character in every movie.


^Yes, she's the same damned character in her movie. And I love it every single fucking time...


Because she'll probably do anything they want for an 8 ball.


Dooooood ... I've been waiting for this damn movie since Grindhouse ... Danny Trejo is badass ... I know what I'm doing on September 3rd ... do you think they'll have it in IMax 3d? I'd watch it...


BIG BOSS, you have just MADE my Summer last a couple days longer. THIS IS GOING TO BE ONE FREAKING KICK AZZ SUMMER NOW.

GOING to start off with the departed and work my way down the Action Movie line (like the soul train with less fro & bell bottoms).

Ok Was it just me or did anyone else eyes just light up when Cheech dressed as a priest yeilded two Pump action shotguns.



i know this was mentioned but you guys do know Jessica Alba is in the movie too right??? I think SHE's HOT as fuck...but thats just me...


hahahaha caught that shower scene hellll yeah. Good Times.


She was in Night at the Roxbury, she had some work done on her nose.
"Richard Greco you know the Butabi's?"
"I just don't want to get sued"


Unfortunately this will be a classic pro liberal movie.

From wiki:

All the same bullshit: those damned anti-immigration dudes, those poor immigrants...